Monday, July 14, 2008

Jessaca's Recommendation

Oh, I did go to the bookstore on Friday like I said I would, but I remembered why I can never pick out books: too overwhelmed. One book caught my eye: The Knitting Circle .

I'm not much in a classic novel mood right now with it being summer. I might vote for Farewell to Arms later. I've never read Sophie's Choice. I'd be up for that one.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Book Selections

Okay ladies we need to pick our next book!

I just finished reading Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons so I am on the search for my next read.  Two books did come to mind while I was reading Angry Housewives...

1.  Sophie's Choice - Because I've always heard it was good - but my did say it was a bit slow and depressing...
2.  A Farewell to Arms - I read this in high school and one of my favorite book passages of all time is in this book but I can't seem to remember how good the book was overall...
3.  Into Thin Air - Because I also heard this was good...

Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

Chance happened to lend me the book "Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons"...

First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE the title it is perfect for the book. I am about half way through the book and I am really enjoying it. There are some great characters and you can really relate to them. These types of books always make me jealous that I have never had a large close knit group of girl friends. I have always had similar feelings while watching Sex and the City. Boris and I have a TON of friends but not friends that are friends with eachother...therefore no large group of close girlfriends...such a bummer...

Anyways, now that we are all done with Barefoot we need to pick another book. Since Chance and I picked last time I think someone else should pick this time. Any ideas?!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The End

I finally finished reading Barefoot last night...

I cried a second time when Vicki makes her list of all of the things that she wants Brenda to do for her kids.  It was so sad!  Overall I was disappointed with the ending, although I would say that Vicki's character had the most closure.

The things about the ending that irritated me:
- I can't believe Melanie went back to Peter - what is wrong with her?!
- The Brenda / Walsh thing was too Cinderella-ish and quite frankly I don't think Brenda deserved a super hot sensitive smart amazing man
- Josh totally got screwed and everyone forgot about him in a way
- The thing with Didi was so random and quite frankly kind of unnecessary to the story

I think the book would have been a lot better if the author had focused more on Vicki's story (or I guess Josh's story).  The entire book could have been about Vicki and Ted, their relationship, the kids, Vicki's illness, etc and Melanie and Brenda could have been side characters rather then main ones.  The problem with focusing on all three women was that I didn't feel like I connected with any of the characters because we never learned enough about any of them to really care.

Overall I would give this book a C+...

Friday, July 4, 2008

My First Tears

I am still reading the book so I won't weigh in on favorite characters yet but I cried my first tears while reading the book last night.  I think it was pages 214 - 215 where Vicki goes for a walk and Ted follows her out and she breaks down about being sick and they have a conversation and then afterwards Vicki admits that she is too weak to walk home.  Then Ted says he knows, and that's why he came, and he carries her home and Vicki thinks about how it is the most intimate moment they have had in months.  I was totally teary eyed.

So far the book is really interesting because honestly I don't really like any of the characters but the book itself is fairly enjoyable.  All of the characters have some serious flaws - and not really flaws that make me relate to them...more flaws that irritate me.  Of course except for Josh - he is adorable.

Peter's character is just gross.  Unfortunately I  think there are a lot of men like that who have terrible affairs and then expect their wives to forgive them when they are done and are ready to get back together.  What kind of wife would just sit around and wait for her husband to finish up an affair and then go back to him?!?!

I still have a bit of the book left and from some of the other posts I am guessing I am going to be disappointed with the ending but we'll see...

Chance's View of the Characters In The End

I liked Josh and Vicki the most.  Josh was young and refreshing...his life wasn't complicated with an unfaithful marriage or a sickness.  I also appreciated that he didn't let his mom's suicide damper his view of the world.  I was glad when he stood up to Didi and stayed strong in cutting her out of his life.  I also loved his father like qualities and his sincere love for the boys.  I think he was a good person.  

Vicki was a good mom and a real person.  I was proud of her when she skipped one treatment and ached for her when she was so sick from her chemo.  I loved her list she mentally passed on to Brenda about taking care of her kids.  I loved her motherliness and her weaknesses.  I think she was the most "real" character. 

I never liked Melanie.  She was weak in my mind.  Anyone who stays with such a manipulative man has serious self-concept issues.  I didn't see her as pure and sweet...I saw her as naive and powerless.  People like her annoy me.    

I think Brenda was a selfish, conceited person.  I think her fall from grace took her down a few notches.  I get some sort of sick satisfaction when people like her have a nice little reality check.  She had it coming.  Unfortunately, I think she was still pretty selfish in the end.  I felt like she glorified her role as her sister's care giver, and I didn't think she was that great of a sister.  

Thursday, July 3, 2008

All done

I got through the rest of the book laying on the couch in my malaise, how very fitting. What revelations were made by the end. For Vicki, she can't have enough faith to know she's okay. And who can blame her? I surprised she even went back to the support group, but I'm glad she did. She literally came full circle. Although it was a hard road, and probably one she wished she didn't have to have taken, it's amazing how much experience—the bad more than the good—teaches us. Even in her sickness, she recognized she was taking those moments with her children for granted. I love how great her husband was, and how much he needed her. I was very sure he was going to be some rich a-hole, and even Vicki didn't expect the pure devastation from him when she was sick.

As for Melanie, I don't think this character really grew much. Sure, she learned she could be in control for once, but honestly, Peter needed a reason to come back and be her husband—not just the fact that he took a vow to be her husband. Such a prick. And poor Josh. Melanie inadvertently used him, and she knew that she would most likely go back to her husband if the opportunity was there. But that's the reason Josh falls "in love" with her. That very sweetness that he falls for is ultimately the demise of the relationship. It was a good experience for Josh though. It cut him loose from psychotic Didi.

I'm still not sure what to think of Brenda. I feel like we get the most of her background or fall from grace, but then not much a resolution. But maybe that's the point, that life doesn't always work itself out neatly. We know her screen play isn't sold yet, but her life hasn't come to an end. I love that Walsh shows up and shows us what there really is to love about him instead of just the sex and the Australian accent—even if it is a little too perfect.

Girls, who was your favorite of the women characters and why?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kansas is just like sand in your toes

I love that Brenda brings back sand to put in Vicki's shoes. For some reason, it made me think of Mom's attachment to Kansas. I wonder if I had ever brought back a little Kansas dirt for Mom's shoes if that would have helped.

As for things I fear:

1. That something will happen to Jonathan. He travels a lot, and a lot of his work happens on bridges. I always fear someone will hit him. He wears bright orange T-shirts for a reason. I don't know what I would do without him. We've been together going on 10 years. We've shaped each other in the best way possible.

2. That something would happen to any one of my brothers and sisters. I've lived through it once, but I don't know if I could do it again, especially considering that all of them have kids.

3. Losing my hearing. One of my greatest joys is talking to people, listening to music, and hearing rain. Before my last ear surgery, I was scared to death that I wouldn't come out hearing. I was already one ear down.

4. Being in a bad accident. I didn't drive until college because I was so afraid to drive.

5. That a spider will bite me. Laugh all you want. I HATE spiders.

I can't no point of view of parenting. Give me a couple years and then ask me.

A few thoughts

Although I understand the Things that Wouldn't Matter Anymore if you got some disease, I have a hard time understanding the push for Vicki to give up her lists. This is who she is, what makes her the mother that cooks meals from scratch and takes her kids to the park. When you're terminally sick, you want to cling to those things that make you who you are. Not give them up. Although MS is no way cancer, I know the first thing I wanted to do when first diagnosed was control the things I could control. I think Vicki giving up this part of her makes the disease win a little and takes more of her than it should. Yeah, have a pity party and recognize that life is beautiful and can suck, but also do what you do that helps you get through your life and love it.

The other thing I'm loving about this book is the role as a caregiver. It's something I wrote about in college, and something I think more places should (and are starting to) examine. The caregiver role can be really draining because you still have to go on with your life. We see this when Brenda is thinking about her screenplay, but oh, wait, Vicki has cancer. Although it gives her a measuring stick for how important things are in life, she still has to keep doing the things that make her who she is and she has to keep thinking about her future. And how does she feel about this cancer? This cancer that could take away the sister that defines who Brenda is. We know Brenda defines herself based on Vicki-measuring-stick. I know I define my life and who I am by the people who influence it.

Final thought: Peter is a dill weed. Leave him Melanie!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chance's Baby Momma Fears

  • I can totally relate to the fear of sharing your love with another child.  I feel that I love AJ with my entire heart and do you love another one the same way?  And then I fear his reaction to another child.  It would break my heart to think he ever felt left out or loved any less. 
  • I fear losing him...looking away for a second and looking back and he is gone.  I think I tend to be over protective by nature, but would rather be safe than sorry.  
  • I fear SIDS...I finally at the age of nearly two let him sleep with Douglas and a blanket...but still check to make sure he is breathing every night...and move the cover under his shoulders.  
  • I fear our first trip to the ER.  Luckily we have made it nearly two years and yet see much blood or had to speed off to the hospital.  
  • I fear big dogs, parking lots, large bodies of water around AJ.
  • I fear a resentful teenager and fighting over who he hangs out do you keep them sweet and innocent? 
  • I fear anyone ever touching him in an unpure way.  I watch too many Law & Orders.  My children will NEVER go into a public restroom alone. 
I could go over forever...children are priceless.  I pray everyday that he is always happy, healthy, and safe.