Thursday, July 3, 2008

All done

I got through the rest of the book laying on the couch in my malaise, how very fitting. What revelations were made by the end. For Vicki, she can't have enough faith to know she's okay. And who can blame her? I surprised she even went back to the support group, but I'm glad she did. She literally came full circle. Although it was a hard road, and probably one she wished she didn't have to have taken, it's amazing how much experience—the bad more than the good—teaches us. Even in her sickness, she recognized she was taking those moments with her children for granted. I love how great her husband was, and how much he needed her. I was very sure he was going to be some rich a-hole, and even Vicki didn't expect the pure devastation from him when she was sick.

As for Melanie, I don't think this character really grew much. Sure, she learned she could be in control for once, but honestly, Peter needed a reason to come back and be her husband—not just the fact that he took a vow to be her husband. Such a prick. And poor Josh. Melanie inadvertently used him, and she knew that she would most likely go back to her husband if the opportunity was there. But that's the reason Josh falls "in love" with her. That very sweetness that he falls for is ultimately the demise of the relationship. It was a good experience for Josh though. It cut him loose from psychotic Didi.

I'm still not sure what to think of Brenda. I feel like we get the most of her background or fall from grace, but then not much a resolution. But maybe that's the point, that life doesn't always work itself out neatly. We know her screen play isn't sold yet, but her life hasn't come to an end. I love that Walsh shows up and shows us what there really is to love about him instead of just the sex and the Australian accent—even if it is a little too perfect.

Girls, who was your favorite of the women characters and why?

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