Saturday, July 5, 2008

The End

I finally finished reading Barefoot last night...

I cried a second time when Vicki makes her list of all of the things that she wants Brenda to do for her kids.  It was so sad!  Overall I was disappointed with the ending, although I would say that Vicki's character had the most closure.

The things about the ending that irritated me:
- I can't believe Melanie went back to Peter - what is wrong with her?!
- The Brenda / Walsh thing was too Cinderella-ish and quite frankly I don't think Brenda deserved a super hot sensitive smart amazing man
- Josh totally got screwed and everyone forgot about him in a way
- The thing with Didi was so random and quite frankly kind of unnecessary to the story

I think the book would have been a lot better if the author had focused more on Vicki's story (or I guess Josh's story).  The entire book could have been about Vicki and Ted, their relationship, the kids, Vicki's illness, etc and Melanie and Brenda could have been side characters rather then main ones.  The problem with focusing on all three women was that I didn't feel like I connected with any of the characters because we never learned enough about any of them to really care.

Overall I would give this book a C+...

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