Friday, July 4, 2008

Chance's View of the Characters In The End

I liked Josh and Vicki the most.  Josh was young and refreshing...his life wasn't complicated with an unfaithful marriage or a sickness.  I also appreciated that he didn't let his mom's suicide damper his view of the world.  I was glad when he stood up to Didi and stayed strong in cutting her out of his life.  I also loved his father like qualities and his sincere love for the boys.  I think he was a good person.  

Vicki was a good mom and a real person.  I was proud of her when she skipped one treatment and ached for her when she was so sick from her chemo.  I loved her list she mentally passed on to Brenda about taking care of her kids.  I loved her motherliness and her weaknesses.  I think she was the most "real" character. 

I never liked Melanie.  She was weak in my mind.  Anyone who stays with such a manipulative man has serious self-concept issues.  I didn't see her as pure and sweet...I saw her as naive and powerless.  People like her annoy me.    

I think Brenda was a selfish, conceited person.  I think her fall from grace took her down a few notches.  I get some sort of sick satisfaction when people like her have a nice little reality check.  She had it coming.  Unfortunately, I think she was still pretty selfish in the end.  I felt like she glorified her role as her sister's care giver, and I didn't think she was that great of a sister.  

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