Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chance's Baby Momma Fears

  • I can totally relate to the fear of sharing your love with another child.  I feel that I love AJ with my entire heart and soul...how do you love another one the same way?  And then I fear his reaction to another child.  It would break my heart to think he ever felt left out or loved any less. 
  • I fear losing him...looking away for a second and looking back and he is gone.  I think I tend to be over protective by nature, but would rather be safe than sorry.  
  • I fear SIDS...I finally at the age of nearly two let him sleep with Douglas and a blanket...but still check to make sure he is breathing every night...and move the cover under his shoulders.  
  • I fear our first trip to the ER.  Luckily we have made it nearly two years and yet see much blood or had to speed off to the hospital.  
  • I fear big dogs, parking lots, large bodies of water around AJ.
  • I fear a resentful teenager and fighting over who he hangs out with...how do you keep them sweet and innocent? 
  • I fear anyone ever touching him in an unpure way.  I watch too many Law & Orders.  My children will NEVER go into a public restroom alone. 
I could go over forever...children are priceless.  I pray everyday that he is always happy, healthy, and safe.  

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