Friday, July 4, 2008

My First Tears

I am still reading the book so I won't weigh in on favorite characters yet but I cried my first tears while reading the book last night.  I think it was pages 214 - 215 where Vicki goes for a walk and Ted follows her out and she breaks down about being sick and they have a conversation and then afterwards Vicki admits that she is too weak to walk home.  Then Ted says he knows, and that's why he came, and he carries her home and Vicki thinks about how it is the most intimate moment they have had in months.  I was totally teary eyed.

So far the book is really interesting because honestly I don't really like any of the characters but the book itself is fairly enjoyable.  All of the characters have some serious flaws - and not really flaws that make me relate to them...more flaws that irritate me.  Of course except for Josh - he is adorable.

Peter's character is just gross.  Unfortunately I  think there are a lot of men like that who have terrible affairs and then expect their wives to forgive them when they are done and are ready to get back together.  What kind of wife would just sit around and wait for her husband to finish up an affair and then go back to him?!?!

I still have a bit of the book left and from some of the other posts I am guessing I am going to be disappointed with the ending but we'll see...

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